Faulkner County Day School is divided into two programs: Milestones and Work Force. In addition, we provide Alternative Community services.

Within these programs, the agency provides a comprehensive array of services to persons with developmental disabilities.

The Day School’s Milestones program provides early intervention for children who are delayed or who are at risk of developmental delays due to diagnosed medical conditions (e.g., Down Syndrome or spinal bifida); day habilitation for children with delays in their development; child care so that typically developing children are available to interact with the children with delays; nursing services for those whose health requires around the clock medical supervision and physical, occupational, and speech therapies for those who qualify.  The goals of the Milestones program are to provide early stimulation and intervention in an effort to reduce or remediate some of the effects of developmental delays, increase client independence (preventing institutionalization) and to prepare the child for a positive public school experience.

Work Force, the adult component of the Day School, provides services similar to Milestones. However, the goal of the Work Force program is to provide work activities and adult development training so an adult client can develop his/her highest potential of independent functioning.  The program provides full-time work opportunity and adult development so that adults can also gain non work-related skills in areas such as money management and meal planning. We give consumers the opportunity to earn a paycheck and teach them the skills needed to live independently or in a supported living arrangement.  There are also waiver services designed to support families who are providing in home care for individuals with severe disabilities, and transportation services.

Alternative Community Service, also know as waiver services designed to support families or individuals with severe disabilities as they try to remain in the community.  Also called Medicaid Waiver, the program allows the Day School to hire and train staff who go into the person’s home to provide the supports necessary to keep them out of an institution.  The goals of the alternative community service are to increase the person’s capacity for independence by training in skills which are useful and usable in the individual’s community environment, and to prevent institutionalization by supporting the individual or family of the person needing such services in order to remain at home or to live in the community. If case management services are provided, then the case manager’s goal is to make community linkages to other community services, as needed by the person served.

Other services provided are:

  • Occupational therapists work to stimulate physical and psychological rehabilitation by teaching clients daily living skills such as dressing and eating in order to gain independence and self-reliance.
  • Physical therapists work to improve gross motor skills by addressing areas such as: strength, balance, coordination and range of motion.
  • Speech therapists work to teach children how to communicate and express their needs and wants.
  • Nurses administer medications and provide medical procedures such as a G-tub feedings, tracheotomy care, catheterizing and first aid for minor bumps and bruises.
  • Hot nutritious lunches are served daily.