Faulkner County Day School is divided into two programs: Milestones and Work Force. In addition, we provide Alternative Community services.

Within these programs, the agency provides a comprehensive array of services to persons with developmental disabilities.

The  Milestones program provides early intervention for children birth – 5 years old who are delayed or who are at risk of developmental delays due to diagnosed medical conditions. For more information on the Milestones program, click here.

Work Force, the adult component of the Day School, provides services similar to Milestones. However, the goal of the Work Force program is to provide work activities and adult development training so an adult client can develop his/her highest potential of independent functioning. For more information on the Work Force program, click here.

Alternative Community Service, also called Medicaid Waiver services, is designed to support families or individuals with severe disabilities as they try to remain in the community.  For more information on the ACS/Waiver program, click here.


Other services provided are: